How We Serve Our Community

Services & Activities in the Imam Bargah

Markazi Imam Bargah Al-Murtaza offers a variety of services throughout the year that are aimed at strengthening the faith of our community members and helping them grow as individuals. From weekly Thursday evening programs and Friday prayers to daily programs during Muharram, Safar, and Ramadan we are committed to serving our community.

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Thursday & Friday Programs

Every Thursday, we read Hadis-e-Kisa, followed by Dua-e-Kumail. On Fridays, we have Khutbah, followed by Jumah prayers at 1:00 pm.


We commemorate the birthdays and deaths of the 14 Masoomeen throughout the year with milaad and majlis, respectively.

Imam Bargah Reservations

Al-Murtaza is open to members of our community who want to reserve the space for a milaad, majlis, or other religious event.

Nikkah Performance

If you would like to be married at Al-Murtaza or you want to request an officiant for your Nikkah ceremony at a different location, please get in touch!

Marriage Counseling

Each marriage is unique and presents its own challenges. Our Resident Alim is here to help couples address their issues and strengthen their union.

Funeral Services

We can provide resources to help you deal with the logistics of a funeral, including grave reservations, kafan & ghusl services, and the burial ceremony.

Daily programs during

Moharram and Ramadan

We commemorate the events of Karbala every day from 1st Moharram to 9th Rabi-Awwal.

The program starts with Hadis-e-Kisa, followed by marsia, a speech by the moulana, and matam before ziarat is recited and tabaruk is passed out to attendees.

Every day during Ramadan, there is jamat namaz, followed by iftar, dinner, dua recitation, and a lecture by our invited speaker. We also perform most amaal together during Laylat-ul-Qadr.

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